"Beautifully conceived and performed, a fresh new approach to East/West music." - Paul Horn

"A stunning virtuoso display of the bamboo flute... the compositions and arrangements are equally impressive.  " - Washington Post



Hear the relaxing and magical bansuri flute in this piece "Bengali Folk Song"

Listen to the deep alto bansuri in the piece "No Mind" that was written from a trip to Ramana Mahrashi Ashram in South India

"Infectuoso Groovatissimo" is Jazz/Indian fusion at it's finest


John is a unique musician having grown up playing the western flute along with many other instruments and found his ultimate instrument in the haunting and beautiful bansuri bamboo flute from North India. After decades of study with maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia, John has developed an approach that features the bansuri with its roots in Indian music but also reflects John's lifetime of musical experiences in jazz, western classical and ecstatic forms of music in many genres.


“By far the most successful merger of Indian and Western music and instrumentation to date.”

Hinduism Today

John's album was one of the first things that I found when I went looking for music after starting classes in yoga and it is still one of my favorite albums. His songs No Mind and All Bliss are a perfect accompaniment for a quiet meditation or simply a moment of quiet.

Tim S

The bansuri flute is one of the most sensual and serene instruments to come out of India. Only a couple of Westerners have mastered its intricacy one is John Wubbenhorst.

Billboard magazine